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Fuzzy Logic With Engineering Applications

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This is a school project I did and I felt like uploading it because I'm proud of it. The Summary and Conflict parts are for the.

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BMikJ^Mlfe = Outline of film and television technology. Beijing: Zhongguo dian ying chu ban she, p. ISBN Note: An introduction to film and television technology.

Chi Lin, Guofei. *•-*• Dian ying ji xie she ji shou ce. t&Btiimm^m * Beijing: Zhongguo dian ying chu ban she, 2 v. Most notable of these were Thomas Bayes’s ‘‘An essay towards solving a problem in the doctrine of chances’’ () and Pierre Simon Laplace’s formulation of the axioms relating to games of chance, ‘‘Memoire sur la probabilite des causes par les evenemens’’ ().

Mlfe essay
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