Essays in jurisprudence in honor of roscoe pound

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Essays in jurisprudence in honor of Roscoe Pound

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Get this from a library! Essays in jurisprudence in honor of Roscoe Pound. [Ralph A Newman; American Society for Legal History.].

theme of Pound's writings for more than half a century. There could have been no better way of honoring Roscoe Pound than publishing essays in the form of a book on a subject so close to the heart of Pound, and to which he dedicated his energies and life.

The Oxford Handbook of Jurisprudence and Philosophy of Law brings together specially commissioned essays by twenty-six of the foremost legal theorists currently writing, to provide a state-of-the-art overview of jurisprudential scholarship.

established sociological jurisprudence as cornerstone - different from langdell - a process or activity not just body of knowledge or a fixed order. THE LAW OF NATURE AND THE EARLY HISTORY OF UNENUMERATED RIGHTS IN THE UNITED STATES In practical jurisprudence, the law of nature was thought to play a PHILOSOPHIES: ESSAYS IN HONOR OF ROSCOE POUND 70, 75 (Paul Sayre ed., Oxford Univ.


Essays in jurisprudence in honor of roscoe pound
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