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The Discobolus: Greeks, Nazis and the body beautiful

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A replica of the Naucydes discobolus. This type of representation is attested by several other Roman copies agreed to be replicas of a bronze work, now lost, attributed to the Greek sculptor Naucydes of Argos.

Discobolus by Myron (Ancient Greek Art)

According to Pliny the Elder (Natural History, XXXIV, 80), Naucydes made a statue representing a discus thrower. In this essay I will try to present this point of view, expressing my personal feelings and showing scientific facts about the problem.

Let me begin with the words by George Bernard Shaw: Animals are my friends and I don't eat my friends'. This indicates the ethic aspect of meat consumption. Other articles where Discobolus is discussed: Myron: Acropolis of Athens, and the Discobolus (“Discus Thrower”), both in marble copies made in Roman times.

Mar 08,  · Discobolos, like other sculptures, has long been closely related to architecture through its role as architectural decoration and also at the level of design.

The symbolism of Discobolus includes perfection, concentration, and athleticism. Explore our growing series of short articles focusing on interesting themes and selected artefacts from excavations and museums around the world.

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